Admin Solutions – Printing 10 Part Dividers

30 06 2011

So I’ve decided that this blog is also a suitable avenue for sharing certain problems and solutions that I’ve encountered in my time working in administration.

This one was a particularly irritating one: 10 part dividers (such as these), generally require either writing by hand or the use of printed stickers to denote their use.  In our case we use 10 mini labels and 10 large labels (all colour printed), which are then stuck on by hand.  Whilst I inititally assumed that the major cost was in the price of labels and coloured ink, in fact in any minimum wage environment, the human resource cost makes even the price of labels seem like tuppence.

As such, I decided to investigate a way to direct print on to 10 part dividers.  The templates I found online only covered 8 part and 5 part dividers, but with a little bit of tweaking ladies and gentlemen: hey presto.

What you need:

A3 Printer
10 Part Dividers
Gareth’s 10 Tab Template (or you can design your own)

What you don’t need:

Lots of time

I’m sharing this mostly because when I googled a solution I didn’t find one.  Hopefully the next admin looking in to this problem will quickly find this solution.