Thanks to everyone!

9 05 2011

I just wanted to write and say thank you to everyone who voted for me and also for my fellow candidates (big shout out to Mark Collins, Rebecca Taylor, Brian Stone & Paul Elgood!) in the recent local elections.  On top of that, a huge thank you to everyone who voted YES to AV- it’s a real shame that the British public came out so strongly against electoral reform (I can’t believe Brighton voted no!).  I think Sam Power deserves great respect for his tireless efforts as the man “on the ground” for the local YES campaign.

I think we ran a great campaign- Mark & Rebecca really showed me a great deal about how to build and run a campaign (see Becky’s post on the result here), and I felt the enthusiasm and dedication of the YES campaign was really inspiring and made me feel happy to be a part of it.

A final, most sincere thank you to Lawrence Eke who (it felt at times) single handedly built and captained the Liberal ship in Brighton & Hove.  You’re  a champ!

And what next?

EDIT – here are the election results for the city and for my ward in particular


Your candidate for Regency Ward

1 04 2011

I have always loved Brighton, being raised in Eastbourne.  At first I thought it was the diverse and vibrant music culture that was so appealing, but as time’s gone on I realised it is the atmosphere of tolerance and inclusion that makes Brighton & Hove such a fantastic place to be.   I truly love this city and am proud & honoured to be a candidate to represent the people on the council.

If elected, I intend to work hard to increase transparency and accountability on the council, and am strongly in favour of not only publically available but also publically accessible information- i.e. in formats that are useful and informative to the public.  I am firmly localist and am happy to be supporting devolution of power to community groups as put forward in our manifesto.

I am very keen on promoting business development- Brighton & Hove has one of the country’s most qualified workforces, and it is on us to provide the environment that will both grow local business and encourage new ones so as to make the most of that workforce.  Unemployment is a serious issue, particularly among young people, and I think we need a serious and realistic business agenda if we are to tackle it.

I believe in promoting public transport in the city (i.e. expansions of cycle lanes, more competition and incentives for buses), further incentivising & expanding our recycling programme and helping Brighton’s vibrant culture expand and improve.  Our music & entertainment scene is a true asset to the city, as is the City’s unique culture of  not only acceptance, but celebration of diversity.  It was this culture that so drew me to live here, and I intend to work hard to see that it is valued and promoted.


Liberal Democrats announce selections in all Hove wards for May 2011

8 11 2010

The Council Candidates for the Local Elections in May 2011 have been announced today for all wards that fall within the Hove Parliamentary constituency.

Local party Chairman Lawrence Eke said, “Following our 11% swing in the General Election, I am delighted with the people who have come forward to fight for better representation and Liberal Democrat values on the Council. Voters are fed up with complacent councillors who do practically nothing for the people they represent. Up and down the UK, Liberal Democrat councillors are known to work harder than any other party. We have some committed campaigners in our ranks, such as Mark CollinsBecky Taylor for Central Hove and Paul ElgoodBrian Stone for Brunswick & Adelaide.

I hope to announce the selections for the Brighton Pavilion & Brighton Kemptown wards before Christmas.”

Becky Taylor, candidate for Central Hove, said, “Mark Collins and I have already met many people in the ward. One message we are hearing on the doorstep is that in the last 4 years nothing has changed in the constituency, and the problems that people face have been ignored. Mark & I are determined to address the issues raised, we will work tirelessly to get things done.”

Name Ward
Paul Elgood Brunswick & Adelaide
Brian Stone Brunswick & Adelaide
Mark Collins Central Hove
Rebecca Taylor Central Hove
Andrew Mailing Goldsmid
Toby McDonnell Goldsmid
John Aloy Goldsmid
Flavia Oliveiri Hangleton & Knoll
Lee Shingles Hangleton & Knoll
Rob Peters Hangleton & Knoll
Brian Latham Stanford
Manrico Oliveiri Stanford
Billie Lewis North Portsade
Daniel Russel North Portslade
Ken Rist South Portslade
Peter Denyer South Portslade
Oliver Eke Westbourne
June Batchelor Westbourne
Stephen Potts Wish
Bob Bailey Wish

An introduction to my co-candidate

5 11 2010

Larissa is the other Liberal Democrat candidate running in Brighton’s regency ward. Check out her blog here:

I feel that perhaps before I start on my tirades on various issues I should set the scene as it were, the background to my political views and situation. I believe my political interest begun in joining LGBT forums online when I was young and getting involved in issues of and campaigns on equality that way.  I became fully politically interested at college when I chose, perhaps slightly on a whim, to study Politics and Sociology among my A levels … Read More

via Larissa’s Blog

Results from East Saltdean By-Election

22 10 2010

By-Election, October 2010 – Telscombe Town Council East Saltdean Ward Result:

The result of the by-election for the East Saltdean Ward of Telscombe Town Council held on 21st October 2010 was as follows:

Candidate Description Number of Votes
Labour Party Candidate 112
Liberal Democrats 264
The Conservative Party Candidate 268 – Elected


Have to say it’s a really unfortunate result for Simon Doyle who ran an excellent campaign and was a truly dedicated local candidate.  It will be interesting to hear feedback from residents during the follow up case work regarding things like turn out (although numbers are similar to the By-Election in Feb 2008) and to what extent potential Lib Dems voted Labour as protest.

Clearly PR doesn’t work for by-elections, but let’s hope that dissatisfied voters push for AV- I know generalisations are less than accurate, but how many of that 112 would have Tory as a second preference?

Brighton & Hove Local Council

24 08 2010

I have just received my approval to run as a Liberal Democrat candidate in the Brighton & Hove unitary authority local elections in May 2011.  In an attempt to paint a picture of the current political landscape, I’ve pulled together some facts, figures & maps courtesy of Wikipedia.

The Council consists of 54 councillors  elected from 21 wards every four years via multi-member plurality voting.   The most recent boundary changes have left the city looking like this:

Brighton & Hove Electoral Wards

Brighton & Hove Electoral Wards

For a full view of which councillors are currently representing which wards, have a look here.

Year Conservative Green Labour Liberal Democrats Independent
2007 26 12 13 2 1
2003 20 6 24 3 1
1999 23 3 44 5 3

As you can see, Labour were in effective control of the council until 2003, whereupon I believe they ruled in a coalition.  Since 2007 there has been a Conservative minority administration.

I’m currently pulling together some statistics to do a realistic analysis and will post again soon.  Alas, one of the difficulties is consistency given the changes in wards.  A useful analysis would show voting trends, including turnout and voter preference, for each ward since year dot.  As it is, with regular boundary changes it is difficult to establish this.