Thanks to everyone!

9 05 2011

I just wanted to write and say thank you to everyone who voted for me and also for my fellow candidates (big shout out to Mark Collins, Rebecca Taylor, Brian Stone & Paul Elgood!) in the recent local elections.  On top of that, a huge thank you to everyone who voted YES to AV- it’s a real shame that the British public came out so strongly against electoral reform (I can’t believe Brighton voted no!).  I think Sam Power deserves great respect for his tireless efforts as the man “on the ground” for the local YES campaign.

I think we ran a great campaign- Mark & Rebecca really showed me a great deal about how to build and run a campaign (see Becky’s post on the result here), and I felt the enthusiasm and dedication of the YES campaign was really inspiring and made me feel happy to be a part of it.

A final, most sincere thank you to Lawrence Eke who (it felt at times) single handedly built and captained the Liberal ship in Brighton & Hove.  You’re  a champ!

And what next?

EDIT – here are the election results for the city and for my ward in particular


Results from East Saltdean By-Election

22 10 2010

By-Election, October 2010 – Telscombe Town Council East Saltdean Ward Result:

The result of the by-election for the East Saltdean Ward of Telscombe Town Council held on 21st October 2010 was as follows:

Candidate Description Number of Votes
Labour Party Candidate 112
Liberal Democrats 264
The Conservative Party Candidate 268 – Elected


Have to say it’s a really unfortunate result for Simon Doyle who ran an excellent campaign and was a truly dedicated local candidate.  It will be interesting to hear feedback from residents during the follow up case work regarding things like turn out (although numbers are similar to the By-Election in Feb 2008) and to what extent potential Lib Dems voted Labour as protest.

Clearly PR doesn’t work for by-elections, but let’s hope that dissatisfied voters push for AV- I know generalisations are less than accurate, but how many of that 112 would have Tory as a second preference?